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UAS Angel Network — The UAS Angel Network is a collection of individual investors, angel groups and seed funds interested in becoming more knowledgeable about the unmanned aerial system industry for the purpose of increasing their investing acumen in that field. Learn more at uasangelnet.com.

Cowboy Technology Angels
Cowboy Technology Angels — Cowboy Technology Angels, LLC, is comprised of alumni and other friends of Oklahoma State University who desire to see the wealth of research, talent and innovation that the university has developed applied to help grow investor-ready entrepreneurs and their young companies. CTA is an independent investment fund separate from Oklahoma State University, its Alumni Association, its Foundation, and Cowboy Technologies, LLC. Learn more at cowboytechnologyangels.com.

Red River Angel Fund
Red River Angel Fund — Red River Angel Fund, LLC, (RRAF) is comprised of individual investors and institutions in the state of North Dakota who desire to support emerging entrepreneurs and growing companies in the region. The Fund has been founded by Praxis Strategy Group as a service to businesses and communities of North Dakota. The Fund has partnered with WBTangels, LLC to facilitate the investment process, provide connections to technology and capital, and tend to RRAF administration. Learn more at redriverangelfund.com.

Wyoming Smart Capital Fund
Wyoming Smart Capital Fund — Wyoming Smart Capital Fund, (WSCF) is comprised of individual investors and institutions in the state of Wyoming who desire to support emerging entrepreneurs and growing companies in the region. Each member of Wyoming Smart Capital Fund is an accredited investor. Members select their own investments and join together to support individual companies. Learn more at wyosmartcapitalfund.com.

WBT Innovation Marketplace
WBT Innovation Marketplace — Since 2002, the WBT Innovation Marketplace has sourced, screened and presented 560 seed and early stage companies and technologies to an annual audience of angels, venture investors, and corporate licensing professionals annually in Arlington, Texas, hosted by the Center for Innovation and Arlington. Each year WBT taps into its network of over 300 mentors, and 75 screeners to identify and prepare the 100 best investment opportunities, based on the criteria of platform technologies, first in space, and close to market. For more about the WBT Innovation Marketplace, visit wbtshowcase.com.

Development Capital Networks
Development Capital Networks — Development Capital Network seeds the growth of entrepreneurs by attracting technology, capital, and talent to help communities build innovation economies. DCN was launched in 1997 to provide specialized products, services, management and training to help build innovation economies at the community level. DCN combines the in-depth experience of our team with our extensive networks of innovators, developers and investors. Visit dcnteam.com to learn more.

Member of Angel Capital Association
Angel Capital Association — The Angel Capital Association is the leading professional and trade association supporting the success of angel investors in high-growth, early-stage ventures. ACA provides professional development, industry voice, public policy advocacy and an array of benefits and resources to its membership of nearly 200 angel groups and more than 8,000 individual accredited investors. ACA's mission is to fuel the success of angel groups and private investors that invest in high growth, early-stage ventures. Learn more at angelcapitalassociation.org.

Cimarron Capital Partners
Cimarron Capital Partners — For over 15 years, Cimarron Capital Partners has designed, built and managed innovative fund investment programs. Cimarron provides asset management for institutional investors, regional investors, family offices and custom accounts. Since 1993 Cimarron’s Managing Directors have launched four funds and advised over 20 states and organizations in fund design and portfolio construction. Visit cimarroncapital.com.