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    Seed Investing as a Team Sport

    a working session for private investors in entrepreneurial ventures

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Presented by WBTangels, Seed Investing as a Team Sport will expand your understanding of business investing, help you locate a team of like-minded investors in your region, and provide you new tools to help optimize your investment dollars.

This energetic, one-day field seminar -- held to date in over 100 cities across the U.S. -- provides the insights of leading seed investors and specialists, seasoned professionals who know what it takes to succeed in this challenging endeavor.


    • Angel Networks -- their impact and potential
    • Seed Investing -- the complete process
    • Due Diligence -- effective, proven methods
    • Investment Appetite -- finding what’s right for you
    • Valuing the Enterprise & Pricing the Deal -- essential techniques
    • The Term Sheet -- structuring the deal for success
    • Negotiating the Deal -- do’s and don’ts; win-win strategies
    • Closing, Mentoring and Cashing Out -- coaching the team to success


Seed Investing as a Team Sport covers the investment process step by step. This demanding one-day seminar de-mystifies the investment process. Our participants gain:

    • Know-how - learn the basics of pricing and structuring seed investments
    • Networking opportunities - meet and collaborate with other investors in your region, and with local professionals and advisors who can help you succeed
    • Team skills – experience the use of team based approaches for making and managing investments
    • Valuable References - receive a manual of essential due diligence questions, an annotated bibliography of the very best resources on seed investing, and a collection of outstanding articles on business planning and Angel investing.

Seminar Sessions

Participants master the essentials and finer points of the curriculum through interactive workshops, role-playing exercises, videotaped presentations, a practical case study, and on-site coaching from a team of local experts. This is an excellent opportunity to collaborate and develop you own local network.

Seminar Impact

Over the past decade, the Seed Investing Seminar has been presented in over 100 cities across the U.S., and has resulted in the launch of an estimated 50 angel groups of funds. If you are interested in hosting a seminar in your community or region, contact Jim Troxel at 312.404.9920.

It was a pleasure to be able to attend your seminar. It was a very valuable experience and I can assure it gave us a great insight into the angel seed investor world... Thank you greatly! - Entrepreneur getting ready to approach investors for first time
I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with all of the other angels and support staff. This was my first exposure to Angel investing and I found the seminar was very informative and enlightening. Thank you for hosting this event and my highest compliments go to you for a job well done. - New angel investor
It was a great event; thank you for helping make it happen. Being from the technical research side and having virtually no experience with startups, I really learned a lot of useful information. Hopefully this will help me push the right technologies towards angel investors. - Patent agent for university
Other will benefit from this seminar because it gives a general all-around look at what seed stage angel investors should consider in their role with the start-up. It is also great for start-up principals so they have an idea as to what they should expect from angel investors. - Participant at May 2015 seminar

For more information contact Jim Troxel at 312.404.9920, or .