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Management team

Jim Troxel. Jim is a Founder of Development Capital Networks and manages the WBTangels initiative. In his career he has inspired over 70,000 people in his seminars and workshops ranging from change management, to adult education and participative planning. Since 1997, Jim has led over 100 workshops averaging 35 participants on seed investing for angel investors and new entrepreneurs. As an expert in strategic planning, group facilitation, and organizational learning, Jim heads up the firm’s internal planning processes and new curriculum designs. He received his B.S. from Oklahoma State University and earned a master's degree with a concentration in organizational transformation from DePaul University in Chicago where he serves as an Adjunct Faculty in their School for New Learning.

Robert Heard. Robert is a Managing Director of Cimarron Capital Partners. In 1994, Robert formed Edge Development Capital, Inc., the predecessor to Cimarron, specializing in venture capital partnership investing. Edge serves as fund manager of Cimarron Business Capital, LLC, and, through an affiliate, as manager of the Oklahoma Capital Investment Board. Robert was a founding director of the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds and co-authored the National Governors' Association study on " The Experience of States with Seed and Venture Capital." He sits on the Advisory Committees of numerous venture capital and serves on the national advisory committee of the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer. Robert earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma and his MBA from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.